Hello....I`m Michael.
I’ve been honing my skills in graphic design, brand identity design, and creative direction, since the whole creative thing took me up to Glasgow School of Art in the mid-90s and after a number of years as an artist I`ve been working in the creative industries ever since. I work in a Big Mill where I founded the design studio which is a bit like an in house creative department for businesses wishing to use my experience and expertise either remotely of within their place of work.  I enjoy the variety of work that comes into the studio and  genuinely care about every client and getting the best for them and their business. I must admit I’ve never enjoyed talking about myself and like many creative people the idea of selling myself to you is a little bit tricky. However if you are considering working with me then it might help to know a bit more about me. Here’s a few facts:

I live in Lancashire in the UK    -    I was an artist / illustrator and have exhibited around the UK
I’m obsessed with films but also love football, sport in general, music, art, the great outdoors.
I’m a perfectionist....ish    -    I like beer.....but not when I’m working!
I`ve been on TV with the lovely Anne Robinson in the weakest link ..... she said goodbyyyyye :-/
I`ve swam with sharks ...and didn`t need a swim nappy :-0

Right, enough about me....from here on out it’s all about you, so If you’re looking for someone who can help your business grow through the value of design, or if you have any questions about how we might work together, do get in touch It’ll be a pleasure to hear from you. Please drop me a line or pick up the phone and we can have a chat about your ideas and how I might be able to help.(07967 356434 is the quickest way)